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Happy (belated) half-birthday, Talia Aliza! 

Talia at 6 months is just as sassy and tenacious as she was in utero. I’ve never met anyone who can go from sweet and happy to terrifyingly angry as fast as she can. She’s not a fan of smiling for the camera, but is full of smiles and coos when the camera is put away. I feel like she’s thinking, “I’m not your puppet, mom!” But I’ll keep dancing and making funny sounds to make her laugh for as long as needed, and hopefully capture a few, too!

   Shout out to the amazing Jennifer Cerda of Aunty Pretty Photography for capturing Talia’s six month pix!

At six months, Talia is chin deep in terrible teething woes. She will bite anything that comes near her mouth, and often me when I’m nursing her, ouch!

Bath time is her happy place. She loves kicking her legs and splashing us. I end up soaked each time, and she ends up knocking out peacefully after her water aerobics.

She’s not into rolling over yet. She’s done it a few times, but I’m not entirely sure it was on purpose, she does scoot herself off her tummy time mat. Lucas likes to join her and his “coaching” her is one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen. Totally why we wanted Lucas to have a sibling.


For her half-birthday celebration, she had her first solid, avocado, just like Lucas. She was a little tentative at first but warmed up to it after a few minutes. By the third day, we couldn’t feed it to her fast enough. I see plenty of guacamole in her future!

She’s definitely more dainty than Lucas, who went HAM on his first avocado…

This little girl definitely has a lot sugar. She is an awesome cuddler and pats my cheek when I rock her. Every morning, and after each nap, she greets us all with a huge grin. She looks at Lucas so adoringly, my heart grows to twice its size. When David comes home from work she stares at him like he hung the moon. She coos at me while she nurses and her gummy smile melts me every time. And then there’s her spice…

Talia’s first six months have proven to me how much of our personalities we’re born with. My pregnancy with her was riddled with complications, and I would pray that she’d be strong enough to hold on and get here safely. She held on through Placenta Previa, two hemorrhages, and a car accident that lead to Prodromal Labor for six weeks. Talia held in there like a champ, even when my body wasn’t being hospitable, she didn’t budge.

Now I get to see my strong willed little girl in action. Talia Aliza knows what she wants, and she’ll let us know pretty darn loudly when we’re not living up to her expectations. Truth be told, I’m seriously nervous for her teen years, but I know we’ll figure it out. I’m mom enough to handle it, right?

Future Talia, if you’re reading this, take it easy on us, ok?

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