Momma thoughts · Sweet Talia

Seven-Month Talia

Dear Talia, 

You are seven months old today. As I type this, you are sleeping next to me, and I am watching you breathe. You are a very still sleeper, I can barely make out the rise and fall of your chest, but I am still mesmerized by it. We fought long and hard to get you here, and I am grateful for every breath you take. 

You are easily woken, so I try not no move, to keep you resting. When you wake up, whether after sleeping all night, or five minutes, you’re always ready to go. I am fascinated by your zest to take in everything around you. You don’t miss anything. Your eyes constantly search out new adventures; don’t ever lose this trait, my sweet girl. Go out into the world and capture every adventure your heart seeks.

I always describe you as feisty, it’s the best adjective I can find for you. You have been the feistiest person I’ve ever known, even when you were in my belly. When I watch your determination now, I know that God gave you so much fight to keep you with me while we were growing you in my belly. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t accomplish your goals, you always have, even when you were the size of a raspberry. 

Now that you’re eating solids, I watch you stare at us when we eat. You seem to think we should share all our food with you. You don’t have a single tooth, but that doesn’t stop you from getting super mad at us for not letting you partake in table food. Sorry little lady, just a few more months to go! #pleasedontbesomad #westillloveyou 

You’re still not quick to smile at folks other than me, your daddy, Lucas and Tudy, but that’s ok. You don’t have to give away your smile just because it’s expected, go on and keep being you, making us work for your grin. But know that when you do smile, it lights up the room. You are always radiant, even more so when you’re happy. 

Promise me you’ll always work towards your goals, even when life doesn’t seem fair. Sometimes the odds stack against us, but I believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way. I hope I can teach you to believe this too. 

I love you, my sweet, feisty Talia. 



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