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Mother of Cupcakes


They say the internet is written in permanent ink, and I want to leave a love letter to my children here. Years from now, I hope they can read these words and get to know me, as I navigate getting to know them. Above all else, I hope they know how much joy and love they fill my life with.

Time is ticking by too fast. I blink and another week has flown by. My goal is to document their growth and capture the people they are, and the people they’ll become. I’ll also probably document things that will be used against them in the future, like when they bring home a date and I feel compelled to embarrass them… because I’m the mom, that’s why.

Today I have been a mother of two for six months. I have learned more in these past six months, than the 33+ years that came before them. I am humbled by the cheer joy I feel in loving my babies, and husband. I’m also extremely sleep deprived and hoard chocolate treats to make my days a little easier. I’d hoard vodka, but them days are over, knowwhatimean.

Motherhood is equal parts amazingly beautiful and amazingly challenging. It is the greatest joy ride I’ve ever imagined. And as my life has shifted from working mom, to stay at home mom, I’m learning to take a minute to breathe in all the life I can, because everything changes too fast, and it can leave you breathless. So can changing diapers, but that’s neither here nor there.

You can join me here, if you’d like. I can’t promise you that it’ll all be perfect, but neither is life, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

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