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Mr. Lucas at 29 months

I tag photos and posts with #typicallucas and have been asked how it came about. When I was pregnant, Lucas’s Godmother was having a conversation with our friend, it was something about Lucas already being so popular and unavailable while still in utero, and our friend responded with, “Typical Lucas.” And that’s how it all started. 

Today, Mr. Lucas is your typical little boy, with excessive energy and charm. He is so very loving and sweet. Lucas will officially be two and a half next month ::Wahhhh:: but I have to note all the things that make this age so darn fun.

Side note: I know that some folks find it annoying when parents give their toddler’s age in months instead of saying the year, but there’s a big difference between a two year old who is 25 months and a two year old who is 35 months. 

At twenty-nine months, he is super chatty and revels in being the center of attention. He loves to dance and sing and his showmanship is deepening my laugh lines everyday. 
Lucas is super into playing with his character toys while watching the corresponding movies or tv shows. He’ll play with his Lightning McQueen while watching Cars, he’ll play with his airplanes while watching Planes, etc. Hell hath no fury like a toddler who’s mom can’t find the right toy. 


He greets his sister with kisses and hugs every morning, after his nap, and won’t go to bed without giving her a good night kiss. He likes to sit in the chair with us when I nurse and rock Talia, and he kisses the top of her head. His love for her also moves him to wake her from every nap because he misses her so; here’s hoping he learns to live without her during naps soon. If I get any wish granted in my life, it’s that they continue to love each other as they do now. 


Lucas is super talkative and asks, “what’s wrong?” If I ever have anything but a smile on my face. This is where I need to point out that I DO NOT have a poker face. Not. At. All. I hear his quizzical, “what’s wrong?” multiple times a day. Nothing baby, mommy just needs a nap. He pronounces kitchen as chitken, which I hope he never corrects. He asks us to, “help you?” whenever he needs help. He calls anything with a tortilla a feeya, and could eat feeyas all day if I let him. He also started saying, “I said NO,” to us, which is a habit we’re hoping he gets rid of real quick. 

Frozen fever has reached our house, but in the best way possible. Lucas refers to it as, “Pwincesses” and I realized he gets glossy eyed with in the first few minutes of the chanting and ice song. Now whenever I need him to nap, I ask, “Lucas, you wanna watch princesses?” And he’s knocked out before Anna asks Elsa if she wants to build a snowman. Boom! Thank you, Disney!


He takes a toy to bed with him every night, usually his Lightening McQueen. Sometimes it’s his huge Buzz Lightyear. He knows exactly who it was the next morning when he rushes back to find it tangled in the sheet. 

David surprised me when he defiled Lucas’s hair over the weekend. For months he’d been saying Lucas’s hair should be short for the warm weather, due to him being so hot blooded and sweating profusely whenever it’s warm or he’s running around, which is all. The. Time. To say that I was hesitant is an understatement. Anything pertaining to Lucas growing into a big boy makes my heart ache. Although I love each new milestone and am filled with pride at each new accomplishment, I still see the six pounds, six ounces, 20 inch miracle I met 29 months ago. So anyway, while I was nursing Talia, David asked me to take a “before shot of Lucas.” As I was distracted, I replied, “a what now?” And he said, “never mind, I’ll do it.” And proceeded to take my teeny-tiny-itty-bitty baby boy outside. A few minutes later I heard a buzzing sound, and went to investigate, and low and behold, Lucas’s hair was all over the ground. Wtf? 


Lucas is s pro at getting his hair cut. His first cut was at 18 months, and he didn’t cry, nor make a fuss of any kind. All proceeding cuts have been just as easy, he loves all the compliments we give him when he rocks a new do, and just as always he grinned up at me with his shorn locks, happy to hear just how great he looked. So I mommed up and said he looked awesome, even as my heart was heartbroken. ::dramatic music crescendo:: 


He’s our best buddy and the best little guy I could’ve asked for. Here’s to you, #typicallucas! Stay golden!

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